Hello, I am Nicole Rossi - a queer femme, herbalist, gardener, educator, and witch, based in the urban Long Beach, CA (occupied Tongva Land). 

Before my connection with the plants, I woke up many days feeling depressed and lost. I was in a state of overwhelm, burnout, and anxiety. Who am I? Why am I here? I was searching for my purpose, I was needing connection to spirit, and I didn't believe in myself.

I found medicine in drinking cups of tea and taking walks around my urban neighborhood to say hello to plant friends. I would talk to the plants and ask them for guidance. One day I received a very clear answer: you are here to connect plants to people. 

I didn't choose this path - it chose me!

The plants have helped me find my purpose, and for that gift, I thank them everyday. A journey that started with plants is expanding into a path beyond my wildest dreams. My ancestors are mostly from Italy and other parts of Europe. I am on a journey to learn and practice the folk + ancestral traditions of Italy and old Europe.

I offer herbal medicine classes + sacred circles to help you connect to your intuition, the plants, and the earth. I support you to create embodied relationships with medicinal plants so you can respectfully use them for healing. I empower you to make herbal medicines and use the plants in your daily life. I have found that powerful transformation can happen when we gather in circle to heal and learn together. 

I believe we are all magic, we are all medicine, and we are all here on purpose with a purpose. 

Nicole Rossi