Elderberry Syrup

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Elderberry Syrup

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Elderberry has traditionally been used to support us when we get a cold and flu. You can take it when you’re feeling well to support the immune system, or when you feel a sickness coming on to lessen the intensity. Elderberry is anti viral, and may be helpful for fevers and coughs.

To use as a preventative remedy, take 1 tablespoon per day. When coming down with a cold/flu, take 1 teaspoon every 3 hours (up to 6 times a day).

Ingredients: Elderberries, elderflowers, ginger, cinnamon, filtered water, raw honey, a touch of elderberry infused brandy (for preservation)

Store in refrigerator. Lasts 3-6 months.

Caution: Elderberries are not always recommended to use with autoimmune conditions, as it could be irritating to the immune system. Please consult with your doctor before using.

“This is the best tasting stuff ever!!! It’s literally better than candy, and its medicine. I can’t thank you enough.”
- Jackie Mostny

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