Hello, I am Nicole Rossi - a queer herbalist, gardener, and earth lover based in the urban Long Beach, CA (occupied Tongva Land). 

I grew up in an urban environment feeling disconnected from nature, lost, anxious, and searching for purpose. These feelings of disconnection led me to take regular walks around my urban neighborhood. I would talk to the plants to ask them for guidance and the plants quickly became my best friends. I felt safe with them. I became more and more curious about the plants: what environments do they thrive in, how to grow them, where are they are native to, what are their medicinal properties, what are their stories? My curiosity grew stronger and stronger until I received a very clear answer: I am here to connect plants to people. The plants brought me home.

My work with plants has led me on a life long journey to remember the ancestral traditions of my Italian ancestors. I am researching and learning their stories, foods, plants, crafts and healing traditions. My apothecary and business name, Rooted and Spirit, is my reminder to be guided by spirit as I do my work here on this earthly realm. Years after creating that name, I learned that my Italian witchy ancestors tapped into the spirit realm to help them tend to life on earth. That was my affirmation that I am on the right path. 

Rooted in Spirit Apothecary is a remembrance of our collective connection to the earth. As a settler on indigenous land, I do not wildcraft native plants. All of the plants are organically grown on farms/gardens and sourced as local as possible. The remedies are made in small batches in harmony with the seasons. My intention is to inspire us to connect to our ancestors and the earth. 

Thank you for being here.

With gratitude,

Nicole Rossi